I'd like to make the naval battles more realistic, at least strategically.

How feasible would it be to redo the strategic naval portion of the game to do the following?

Unless a naval force is blockading a port naval battles do not occur automatically. (They no longer occur by moving your fleet to another fleet.)

Instead, when a turn ends, any of the active player fleets that are within a certain distance of an enemy fleet have a percentage chance of a fight occurring.

Realistically, naval battles didn't always occur when a commander decided they should. Bad weather, bad luck, and bad timing made it very difficult to actually engage a force, instead of the laser GPS guidance that the game now portrays.

If that's possible (and I doubt it, without some core changes), then I'd want to look at changing the percentages of a fight occurring according generals stats, the ability to set fleets to "pursue" or "avoid" fights to change the chances of a fight even more, and finally modifying the A.I. to take into account the changes.

Advice, thoughts, and input are appreciated.