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Thread: [FotS] Aide de Camp Silencer (beta)

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    Default [FotS] Aide de Camp Silencer (beta)

    This is a beta mod to silence the unbelievably irritating battle advisor in FotS.

    Sound mods can sometimes behave strangely or fail to work in conjunction with one another or with CA updates. It can depend upon which directories are modified and the pack type. As the Aide de Camp audio tracks are located in local_en.pack (which is sometimes itself updated or patched via local_en_patch.pack) it may fail at some point. As of now it seems to work well, but I'll offer it as a perpetual beta. These are simply 0 length audio track substitutions, so they may save a little memory as well as your sanity :)

    Just drop the pack file from the archive in the \data directory and enjoy. Please let me know if there are any issues either on it's own or when using other sound mods.
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