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Thread: ARDITI Clan presents: HEGEMONY Tournaments

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    Default ARDITI Clan presents: HEGEMONY Tournaments

    ...ready for fun?....

    General Tournament Rules

    1.This is a team (3 person team) cross-platform tournament for Shogun 2 Total War (Shogun 2, FOTS and FOTS Naval), using the Avatar mode.
    2. The tournament consists of 4 matches 2 1vs1 and 2 2vs2.Each Match (1vs1 and 2vs2) will be played two times first-leg and second-leg (home and away), for each leg (battle) won in 1vs1 battles the team will gain 1 point while in 2vs2 each leg (battle) won will gain a team 2 points. Leading to a total of 12 point per round (If all won). In case of a draw in the total points the tie braker match will consist of only 1 1vs1 battle that will determine the winning team. The teams will be required to play at least one match of all the platforms (Shogun 2, FOTS and FOTS Naval), the maps and platforms will be selected automatically by a custom program made specifically for our tournament that provides randomly different platforms and maps for each pair of teams. That means that for each round there will be different selection of Maps and Platforms for each individual pair of teams.
    3. Same team members assignments for both 1vs1 or 2vs2 battles are not allowed i.e. The same player cannot play both 1vs1 and the same duo cannot play both 2vs2.
    4. Each Discipline has its own regulation please refer to it for further details.
    5. Each round will take 1 week; extensions are only possible if there is proper reason for it.
    6. Teams must use the appropriate threads assigned to them to communicate with their opponents and all communication between the 2 teams must be found in the threads. If steam is used then screenshots of agreements must be uploaded to the threads or linked for the administrators or they will not be considered.
    7. Every Team must post their Steam ID/URL during registration and to their opponents for every Round.
    8. If a Teams fails to provide dates and time to coordinate the matches this will result to a forfeit in their part.
    9. All results must be accompanied with replays of the battles in the thread of each Round. If the team wins but does not provide replays will not qualify until it presents the replays to the administrators.
    10. A player must not name a veteran unit with the name of another type unit. Example, naming veteran Katana Samurai "Loan Sword Ashigaru" is not allowed in all categories.
    11. A player is not allowed to have units which their ranks are not visible. The mon should be configured in a way to provide clear view of the units chevrons – rank.
    12.Veteran Recovery is allowed, this is done so that players who have increased slots due to the bug that existed initially in Shogun will not have an advantage over others. Veteran Recovery can be done either with your opponent or with a friend before or after a battle.
    13. It is not allowed to use damaged units to gain its bonuses at a lower price such as Hold firm, Second Wind etc.
    14. It is not allowed to use units that are level 8 but have level 9 skills due to bugs of Shogun for all platforms e.g. Naginata Samurai and Monks level 8 with Banzai or Yari Samurai level 8 with Hold Firm etc.
    15.All players of any nationality must communicate in the forum in English as a matter of courtesy and transparency in the negotiation threads.
    16. If you are not active enough or unfortunately cannot be active as the tournament goes on, please say so and gracefully retire from the tournament.
    17.All players who are still in the tournament do so with the knowledge that your match might be picked for either live streaming or live recording. We are trying to provide entertainment for those who are not in the tournament.
    18. Replays of Battles will be retrieved for each round and posted in a zip file for future view by adversaries.
    19. Spectators are not allowed in any case while conducting a tournament battle. Administrators only have the option of viewing a battle whenever they see fit.
    20.It is forbidden to use known bugs or exploits in the game. Intentional use is considered dishonorable behavior, and could cost banning of the entire Team. The discovering of new bugs or exploits must be publicly communicated. There is no excuse for using an exploit, simply because it was not explicitly forbidden in the Rules.
    21. Knowledge of the content and meaning of the competition regulations is the responsibility of each individual player and team. Please ask for help if there is anything you do not understand, ignorance of the Rules will not be excused.
    22. In case of consecutive transgression of the regulations by a team, the administrators have the option to ban the team from the tournament.

    The tournament will begin in mid-June

    >Hegemony Rules<
    >Hegemony Registration<

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    Default Re: ARDITI Clan presents: HEGEMONY Tournaments

    Hi all Guys,
    last week for the registration and eight slots available, these are the teams currently registered:

    1 team from Seattle steel: Luvmo Sibundla, Argus, Point man
    2 teams from Milicia Hispanas: Doroiz, Frankmalagakid, Enjoy and Jony, Viguiros, Adrianma
    1 team from Aggony: Twitchy, Duck, Psychic
    2 teams from Legionari Italiani: Imperator Caesar, Gen.Pietro il Terribile, Gen.Legatus Aquilifer and Marco Valerio, Massimo Decimo Meridio, Marco Antonio
    1 team from ARDITI: Poetarmato, Yuri, Malakeh
    1 team from TWR: Tajl, KhanAsparuk, Killerfisch
    1 team from BETA: Unicornattac, Magz, Tjost22
    1 team from Silent Assassin: Pariya, Granitor, Paper Cut Assassin



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