Some strange thing happened just now.

I am not a naval battle guy, I played them only to invade the islands. But I really love the Warrior Class ship. No one uses it, believes that several Kotetsu or torpedo boats can sink it easily. Well, they can't.

Anyway, just a few minutes ago, I saw some poor guy deployed only a Heavy Bune against my Warrior Class! It made my day. Anyone else experienced that bug before?

I dont know that can be done using with any map editor though, (I think official one is avaiable for few days.) but it will never be as fun as to see it on ladder game :D

Anyway I let the gy to try to board the warrior class. Probably it didnt worked, because he said "just kill me" and the heavy bune surrendered only after one salvo.

Here is the few screenshots of it:

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Attachment 5713
Attachment 5714
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