Darius Modocraft 2 - is useful tool for Rome Total War/Alexander/BI engine scripting and managing.

Main advantages of this version:
- Quick access to main mod files.
- Syntax highlighting.
- Quick jumps from EDU unit block to it DMB model block or it text description in other files.
- Useful bookmarks.
- Manage any mod text files.
- Run the game with mod from the Modocraft with specified parameters.
- Multiwindow system, you can edit scripts in many parallel windows.
- You can analyse your mod databases with Slot Analyser tool.
- You can analyse your campaign data with Map Informer tool.
- System of the automatic backup.
- Easy localisation.
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See the "Quick Start" tutorial: http://bshine.ru/publ/modding/darius...start/2-1-0-61
Downloadlast version: http://bshine.ru/load/instrumenty_mo...ft_20/2-1-0-18