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Thread: Oh the guns....

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    Default Oh the guns....

    I realize gunpowder troops are powerful and good to use, but it hasgotten to the point they are all people use. Where is the fun in just shooting each other in long battle lines? Black/Red/White bear infantry comprises 70-90% of every army i face. If i wanted that i would have gotten a Civil Car game. This game is about tactics and medieval warfare. I see the introduction of guns as a slap into the face of this game play.

    This is kinda a rant kinda a question as to why this has fallen so far from when i started playing medieval total war.
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    Default Re: Oh the guns....

    Its true, it seems like 80-90% of MP armies are 19th C. Saying that, a balanced melee Sengoku Jidai army will have most these for breakfast, so its no bad thing for your success ratio, even if it is a bit boring...
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