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Thread: S2 Community MAP PACK I (45 MAPS)

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    Lightbulb S2 Community MAP PACK I (45 MAPS)

    SHOGUN 2 COMMUNITY MAP PACK I (Released (30/08/2012)

    Shogun Crafters , TW Center & are proud to present the first Community Map Pack for Shogun 2.

    Shogun2CommunityMapPack I.rar 126 Mo


    Please direct all questions and comments to the S2 Community MAP PACK I Feedback thread.


    A strict selection has been made to keep interesting maps, for the landscape they developped, the battleground set, and the fairness of their game.
    The balance of the maps was made throughout betatests, where players among the 100 best players of Shogun 2 were invited to play these maps, and to make a report upon each map played.

    A tournament logo "[t]" has been added to the most balanced maps, that presented nice battlefields, where each team has nearly the same chance to win.
    Hard, specials, and more complex maps, such as cities, forts, or kind of mod maps are part of the normal list.

    A "[CP.I]" logo (Community Pack I) has been added to each map of this pack. So everytime you see someone playing a [CP.I] map, it means he has the same content as you, and the same version of the map.

    The pack contains 45 MAPS,

    So everyone may have it!


    >>> 38 Land maps :

    ¤ 22 Tournaments maps [t]

    - A Wee Bit Rocky________________________________________by Incubus Dragon
    - Alpine Path____________________________________________by Incubus Dragon
    - Ayame Swamp__________________________________________by 7SPEARS Bengal
    - Bishamon's Landing______________________________________by AggonyDuck
    - Dewa Valley____________________________________________by AggonyDuck
    - El Wadi________________________________________________by Aeneas 2020
    - End of The Line_________________________________________by RTK Rollen Of Thornhand
    - Flooded Fields__________________________________________by Aeneas 2020
    - Flower Valley___________________________________________by AdreNo
    - Hida Crossroads_________________________________________by AggonyDuck
    - Highland Stream________________________________________by AggonyDuck
    - Kamakura Beach_________________________________________by Robinzx
    - Kamigori_______________________________________________by Anton III
    - Mura Yama_____________________________________________7SPEARS Bengal
    - Normandy Beach________________________________________by Taharqa
    - Old Cairo Pyramids_______________________________________by Taharqa
    - Omi Grasslands__________________________________________by AgonnyDuck
    - River Ride______________________________________________by Taharqa
    - Shirakawago____________________________________________by _dk
    - Temple Pass____________________________________________by Shifty
    - Trenches_______________________________________________by AUG351
    - Yamakazi Ridge__________________________________________by AggonyDuck

    ¤ 16 Special maps (Cities, Natural Landscapes, Mini Forts)

    - Archipelago Fire__________________________________________by Taharqa
    - Arena__________________________________________________by Taharqa
    - Dragon Valley____________________________________________by *TRF* Guan Yu
    - Imperial City Streets______________________________________by Taharqa
    - Itsukushima_____________________________________________by _dk
    - Look Out Mountain________________________________________by AUG351
    - Mountain Marsh__________________________________________by AdreNo
    - River Coumpound_________________________________________by AdreNo
    - River Gorge______________________________________________by AdreNo
    - River Village_____________________________________________by AdreNo
    - Seretei_________________________________________________by *TRF* Guan Yu
    - Shi Mountain_____________________________________________by Karma_Mans
    - Shoguncester____________________________________________by Aeneas2020
    - Siege Town______________________________________________by Incubus Dragon
    - The Battle of River Bend___________________________________by MrHellhound1
    - The Scar________________________________________________by Aeneas2020

    >>> 6 Siege maps :

    - Bamboo Fort______________________________________________by AdreNo
    - D-Day 1944 OP.Overlord v1.1_______________________________by Taharqa
    - Helms Deep v1.1__________________________________________by JackEric360
    - Iwo Jima________________________________________________by *TRF* Guan Yu
    - Plains Castle_____________________________________________by clozej
    - Sakura Hana Park_________________________________________by JackEric360

    >>> 1 Naval maps :

    - Siege of Takamatsu_______________________________________by _dk


    Before installing the map pack, shut down Shogun 2!
    Once the download done, move the Shogun2CommunityMapPack I.rar to :

    >> Windows 7 :
    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Shogun2\maps\
    >> Windows XP :
    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\The Creative Assembly\Shogun2\maps\

    And "extract here" the .rar file with winrar or winzip.
    45 folders should appear, the first folder being " cp.i.a wee bit rocky[t] "

    >>> AppData folder is a hidden folder! If you can't see this folder, ensure that you have ticked the option to see hidden folders and files.
    (press ALT in any folder, choose Tools, and Folder Options, go to the View tab, and tick the line "Show hidden files, folders, and drives", AppData will appear)


    TO PLAY these new costum maps in multiplayer, you have to do NOT TICK the "key-buildings" entry to find these maps.
    If you are the HOST, be aware that changing your army and vassals while other players are downloading it will resset the download and change map on Aki.
    SO, open slots after you have made your army, or make your army when all people have finished to download the map and choose again the map you wished to play.


    Thanks to Kostas84 that created a thread on TWCenter to "Show off your newly created Maps",
    and to the first list of these maps dressed by LesTat, we had access to a nice map database.

    I particularly thanks WolfSwoosh that convinced me, more than just converting the maps I found to a more playable content (1v1 maps updated to 4v4, addition of dojos, and map balancing), to create a pack of these maps, so a wide diffusion would be possible.

    >>>To the mappers : AdreNo, Aeneas2020, AggonyDuck, Anton III, AUG351, clozej, _dk, Incubus Darong, JackEric360, Karma_Mans, MrHellhound1, Shifty, Taharqa, *TRF* Guan Yu, Robinzx, RTK Rollen Of Thornhand & 7SPEARS Bengal

    >>>To the beta testers : Hero Pleinair, AggonyVenson, }[PX]{ Walid, AggonyDuck, Finetips, ¤¤¤[UFTW]¤¤¤-{Seinseur}-, ¤{UFTW}¤ Jules César, S.P.Q.R, [DD-Taisa] TJ & Taharqa.

    >>>To those I forgot

    Your dear fellow and administrator of Shogun Crafters,

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