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Thread: best mod for a nube?

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    Default best mod for a nube?

    Oops. . . Very sorry but posted this in the wrong section.It was intended for the MTW2 forum.
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    Default Re: best mod for a nube?

    Hello Fester

    There are some fantastic mods out there for MTW that dramatically (IMHO) improve on the scale, depth and immersion factor of the vanilla game. Just download one and follow the installation instructions that its creator will have provided.

    My tip: make a brand new installation of MTW+VI and then patch it. Then make a copy of this entire 'clean' directory (aka folder) structure. This way, every time you want to try out another mod, you can just make a copy of the clean copy and install the 'new' mod into this.

    Hope that's useful.

    Best regards

    Sapere aude

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    Default Re: best mod for a nube?

    I think I accidentally destroyed my post before posting it, so here goes again.

    Why not tell us what you want out of a mod? Medieval period, Napoleonic period, or whatever. Also, are you looking for more of the same (more units and factions) or more challenge? There are good mods out there, but they offer different things. You are like a guy who walks into a shoe store and asks for the best shoe, but does not tell the clerk if he wants sneakers, sandals, dress shoes etc.

    Edit: Don't be intimidated by lack of computer skills. All the MTW mods I've tried were not really any harder to install than adding a patch to the game, and you can usually find any necessary instructions in a read me file or somewhere. Honestly, if I can do it then it requires no special computer skills.
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    Default Re: best mod for a nube?

    Follow Victor's advice and make a copy of the "Medieval - Total War" directory and keep it as your "virgin" install. When you want to install a mod, make a copy of that and install the mod there. This will save you a lot of headache later on.

    As to recommendations, it's a matter of taste - IMO mods are far from perfect and the medieval era ones in particular are based on one person's (or a group of persons) vision of "how the game should have been".

    My preference is the STW mod, but as a single player game it's quite simply an unfinished project and the map quickly gets too crowded with agents, army stacks and the MTW sized castle pieces.


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