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    I got NTW for some time now and I played the game on hard and finished it. But some time ago my computer crashed and I lost my save games. Right now I am replaying the game the Napoleons battles (not the campaign). But then this Naval Battle near Egypt. I won it once but I lost my touch. I always end up disabling all the English ships and start to rotate around them from a good distance mobbing them up. But its taking too long. I am so frustrated. If this was real I should have won because their ships were just sitting ducks waiting to be destroyed.

    I tried several tactics. Trying to lure the english ships from my main fleet and on the run demast them. But when its done there is no time to make them surrender. Another one is to block their ships path and somewhat sacrifice a few of my own to be able to disable them while their ships are all clustered in a small area while my ships encircling them and start to do the mobbing up. But I am always too late and they do not surrender fast enough while they should.

    I am fighting a timer not superior tactics or something. It must have been luck back then the one time I won this battle on hard. I don't want to lower the lvl in order to win. I want that golden mark on the battle map.

    I always try to have superior firepower on a tight spot preferably on their most venerable side and out of reach of their guns.

    Is that timer bullshit ? Is there a mod that can fix that for me somewhat ?

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    I thought you could set an option in the main menu and make battles last indefinitely.

    That's good, but remember that if there is a bug (any bug) that prevents you from killing or routing everybody, then you have to restart from scratch.


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