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    I've had a Daimyo with two +1 happy +10% troop movement retainers, a "British Railway Engineer" and a book called "Bradshaw."

    For a total of +2 happy (repression) and +30% movement with his skill tree bonus (which is helpful because he's Aizu and he spends most of his time marching across the tundra while wishing he could afford to get the trains working haha).

    Edit: oooh I just got a +1 happy +20% movement AMERICAN Railway guy last night ahhhh

    And I had a general with +10% Research speed (and I've seen an additional +5% research speed), which is really nice.

    Those are my favorites.

    And then there's the same old pile of +1 command(everything) thingies, and those are usually my next choice, helping with auto-resolve is so-so (because I don't NEED any help when I'd use auto-resolve haha) but the extra morale for your guys so that they'll stick it out longer while they're being torn to shreds in a FOTS gunfight is actually really good (although I dunno if you want your general that close to them if things are going so bad that you need to use that power heh).

    I've also seen three "instill fear" items, the Prussian Helmet, a suit of armor, and an Accordian which is nice for folks that loved the Sword of Amaterasu from Shogun 2, and would probably be really fun to see on a battlefield as you rode back and forth behind your lines, making your enemies waver, except for the fact that you tend to be fighting modern units in firefights and they tend to be very far away from your general and probably hardly ever under its area of effect (unless they were already routing).

    And then there's a +2% to global farm profits, and a +2% tax (global, I think, although there's also a +2% current province one, for sure, which is not so great), reduced troop upkeep, and some other economic things like that, which I wish I had the math to analyze, but I tend to skip those because at some point in the game you'll either be rich or you'll be dead, and then those perks aren't so useful anymore, compared to something else you could get.

    Like, if +2% to global farm profits is good for you, you're probably rich as heck already anyways haha.

    And then there's a +10% unit replenishment (and a +5 and +2 I think), which is kinda mean to tempt you with right after a battle that leveled you up haha.

    And then there's a couple naval thingies, bombardment range and something else, and some artillery bonus ones, which you probably wouldn't even feel (except that bombardment range one would be pretty fun for an Admiral, I guess).

    And then a lot of bonus to melee ones, which are questionable at best, especially if they have anything to do with your bodyguard.

    And some morale ones, with lots of different kinds of mistresses, which ain't bad, I guess, although +1 command sorta gives you that AND a little more, and it'd be pretty funny to fill a general up with those.

    And +1 honor/loyalty is usually no use because I never have a hard time with that unless I'm playing the Choshu and trying to use their Super Powered Looting too much (and even then I could probably keep things even unless I was in a rush).

    And some "anti-assassination" ones, which just makes me nervous haha.

    And that's about all I can think of.

    Any of you guys see anything else that's awesome?

    Or have a difference of opinion?

    Or maybe know if any of those economic ones are hidden gems?
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