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Thread: CTD loading battle

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    Default CTD loading battle

    Hi, I seem to have a problem with EB 1.2. I did finish a couple of campaigns a few months ago without trouble, including one with the Getai. I started again with the same faction and it works perfectly until I have to fight battles either at Tylis or Singidunum. It crashes every time, no matter what I do, and since auto-rezolve is usually a heavy loss especially against the OP Keltoi I kinda need to fight them so I can develop fast before the Epirots and Makedonians come after me. I tried installing 1.2 fixes but don't exactly understand how to do it. In any case, it just happens when I attack these 2 towns so far, but it happens every and each time. Thanks in advance for help.

    L.E. I forgot to mention that I reinstalled RTW in another partition and then downloaded EB again and installed it and still the same problem. My video card driver is updated as well.
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    Default Re: CTD loading battle

    If you want, you can type auto_win: attacker (or "defender", if you're defending) to automaticly win battles. Even if you would have won the battle "fairly" in autocalc anyway it seems to cause less casualties for you this way.

    I basicly use auto_win in two cases:
    1) when loading a particular battle always crashes, and I'm certain that I would win that battle if I could play it
    2) if I had just won a lengthy battle, and the game crashes immediately afterwards.

    Technicly auto_win is a cheat code, but I have no qualms about using it in those two scenarios. Like I said, it gives you lower casualties on your side than regular auto-calc; but your casualties likely would have been lower still if you had been able to actually play the battle.

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