i know some of you may hate on me for this and i dont really care but i was wondering if there was any way for enabling infinite ammo for shogun 2 and all its campains for units like line infantry archers artillery and all that i realy loved having simple artillery battles with the AI in empire total war and nepoleon total war simply because they had infinite ammo.

now while i was poking around the preferances.txt file i found this line " limitless_ammo true; # show_cpu_moves <true|false>, Enable/disable Infinite ammo on battlefields "
i know you can edit the unit multiplier in the preferences.txt as well and i was wondering if you can do the same to enable infinte ammo?

if not does any one have any simpe mods for enabling infinite ammo because i have no skills in creating mods for any game.

so if anyone botheres to read this it would be greatly appreciated if you could show me what to do or post any mods

thanks again to who ever helps me