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    hello every one. today there is a short demo to see what huge mod release in future by IRANIAN MODDING TEAM
    my name is Shahab and I am a medical student in IRAN/ Tehran
    months age I started to create a very huge mod and named it to Medieval 3 total war
    a story was in my mind then i made it in game scenario so you can have a story line over 13 hours in game, new in game demos are added .
    i tried so hard in A LOT OF time so now 80 percent of creating this mod was done.
    I am the creator and director of this game mod, I learned how to develop game engines and make shaders
    in addition i am a modder of total war games for rome and medieval 2,
    my first work was ENGLAND project with camp scenario and new map for england in med2 then my second and very huge project is this
    total war , GTA IV , Skyrim are the games , I modding and i work specially in graphics game , developing engines


    new textures for all of landscapes
    new textures for sky(for all climates and weather)
    new water
    new and mor blood
    new textures for horses
    new textures for trees
    new vegetation and a lot of change in codes to make them fuller in game(!) (two types of vegetations not created by me i dont remember two texture authors name)
    new shaders and game engine(still working in lighting and develop the default game engine))
    new campaign area (IRAN) (still working in campaign)
    new and ultra smart AI for camp and battle
    new campaign script called scenario for 3 factions (egypt , assassins , templars)
    two factions added (assassins an templars) (with their long scenario)
    new lighting effects
    better reflections
    new and more animations for attack and death
    panels and hud are changed
    new environment look(colorpow, lighting , etc)
    better weather and real one(takes lots time to change codes for bloom , bloom shader and make it in weatherdb.xlm)
    a lot of txt files are recoded and removed some buges
    increased men per unit to 180 per unit
    new units for the two factions added
    two twpes of campaign (scenario story line , free campagin )
    new loading screens( historical one)
    a lot of small changes(cursors etc)
    new , very very nice musics for battle and campaign (all of musics are changed to very nice ones)

    these changed are

    these pictures below are for my second month of develop working(now is the 9th month and a lot of changes is the result )

    you look in those pictures, game engine is developed . textures, lighting and shaders , etc are added
    dx9 is converted to dx10 game
    normal texture map for new textures added
    dynamic shadows work is in progress
    new& better physics work is in progress

    it is done, thanks for your attention please note your ideas to make it better~
    soon this mod release . over 3 GB is the volume
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    I am interesting in your enviroment work...
    All the rest are a bit to old for our mod...
    See here: LINK AND here LINK
    You can see our complete work -so far-in TWC and in TWHellas.
    We need a good mapper and enviroment creator. Working with us could allow you gather expirience and help -from us-for your own mod.
    I rarely visit .Org these days but you can find us and me in the other two links.
    A small teaser of our work!

    Also visit all the links i shown you to have a complete view of our work.
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    that is exactly what i needed !

    here you are the battles ant the new environmental look 90% is different ordinal game
    good luck

    in these pictures you can see the shadows bug are fixed(previous pics had shadow problems!)
    and a very impressive look in sunset and it,s new lighting, textures and effects!

    i need islamic units for Islamic Empire faction
    after environmental development i will see you the campaign !
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