Napoleonic Links
The Prusso-Saxon Army at Jena 14th October 1806 by Peter Hofschr÷er.
Infantry Skirmishing in the Napoleonic Wars by Peter Hofschr÷er.
Napoleonic Skirmishing In Practice by Peter Hofschr÷er.
The White Uniforms of the French Army, 1806-1807 Described by Guy C. Dempsey Jr., illustrated by R. J. Marrion.
Spanish Napoleonic Uniforms. & Spanish Uniforms of Joseph Bonaparte's Army
Uniforms Of Spanish Units At Talavera
Uniforms of Archduke Charles' Legion by Ken Bunger
18th & 19th Century WŘrttemberg Uniform Plates by Leo Ignaz von Stadlinger
Map and Orders of Battle for Wagram 1809 from Armies On The Danube by Bowden & Tarbox
The Great Cavalry Battle Of Liebertwolkwitz (14th October, 1813) by Peter Hofschr÷er.
Full corrected OCR text of "1815, Waterloo" by Henry Houssaye, 1905.
Netherlands Infantry Uniforms 1813 to 1831, (or in Dutch).
Full corrected OCR text of "The battle of Wavre and Grouchy's retreat; a study of an obscure part of the Waterloo campaign" by Hyde Kelly 1905. Includes 3 maps (2.7MB).
. Map of Wavre by Johnston (0.8MB).
. Map of Wavre by Siborne (1.9MB).
Pictures of Buildings on the Waterloo Battlefield including:
. Belle Alliance and la Haie Sainte
. Frischermont, Papelotte and Plancenoit
. Hougoumont

Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers