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    Debbie was a little child,
    Who loved to play and sing.
    Debbie was crazy and wild,
    And wanted to know everything.

    Debbie was innocent and Debbie was meek.
    But daddy left her and mama was a drunk.
    Out of anger, I cut Debbie on the cheek.
    Her mamma laughed and called her a punk.

    Debbie was depressed and Debbie was sad.
    I smashed Debbie's head into a window.
    And this made her mother very mad.
    She told Debbie that she was slow.

    Debbie became filled with anger,
    Anger toward herself and her mother.
    I passed Debbie out to a stranger,
    And after that to another.

    Debbie hated God with all her heart,
    And with everything, Debbie hated me,
    I shot Debbie in the heart.
    Because I am Debbie, you see.
    - JOG
    You see, a man like me...a man like me - has got a crush on Obama!!

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    Dark and moody JOG! Brilliant!
    Silence is beautiful


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