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    Here are the previous versions of Mundus Magnus since I have started modding it. If anyone wants the original mod, go to, go to downloads and type in Mundus Magnus. My 5.0 version is the original Mundus Magnus, but it has a few edits and tweaks. 6.0 has a lot of new stuff but it is the same as vanilla as far as gameplay, and it is the most up to date and stable version of Mundus Magnus. Enjoy!


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    For those of you who do not know, Mundus Magnus has been one of RTW's most popular mods since 2005. Created by ngr, MM is a map mod for RTW vanilla 1.5/1.6. It expands the vanilla map north to include Scotland, south to include Arabia and Nubia, and east to include the western half of India. It is a great mod for vanilla as the Seleucids are represented better and there are a lot more regions to capture. Other than that, there is nothing new to the original game. Many mods such as XGM and EB have used Mundus Magnus as a base for their map.

    About a year ago, Alejandro Magno released MM 4.0. It featured many geographical upgrades to the original mod.

    Today I was just digging around and I found the older versions of MM and I thought I should bring it back. It would have included new faction symbols and some new units among other things, but I decided not too, because there were many parts missing and it was for the 1.2v of RTW.

    Instead, I have decided to include the Bug Fixer, from player1 which was made around the same time as MM. Together, I believe it should make for the best vanilla RTW experience out there, Enjoy!


    The Map

    Four new resources: Horses, Salt, Fish, and Ivory

    From Bug Fixer:
    List of fixes for Imperial Campaign

    Changes in descr_model_battle.txt file:

    -Fixed shoulder armor for Legionary and Praetorian Cavalry (fixed models added)
    -Fixed Velite Gladiator shoulder armor
    -Fixed the wrong color of Spanish generals by giving them proper texture

    Changes in export_descr_unit.txt file:

    -Added warcry ability to Thracian Bastarnae, since Mercenary Bastarnae already have it

    Changes in export_descr_buildings.txt file:

    -Added +1 experience bonus to Greek Cavalry trained in Greek Elite Cavalry Stables, since it makes no sense to build Elite Cavalry Stables just to get Incendiary Pigs
    -Made Slingers available from Practice Range in place of Archers for Numidian faction, since otherwise when you get Slingers at Archery Range they are already obsolete
    -Made Onagers recruitable by Spaniards in campaign, since they are already available for them in custom battles
    -Added law bonus to academy-type buildings like it's done in Barbarian Invasion expansion and was intended in 1.5 patch
    -Fixed the bug when Awesome Temple of Epona and Pantheon would show up in building browser for Gauls and Spaniards

    Changes in export_descr_ancillaries.txt file:

    -Fixed the issue with Numidian and Spanish governors not gaining priests as their retinue members
    -Fixed the bug when Judge retinue member could get doubled
    -Fixed triggers for gaining Heroic Saviour and Shieldbearer retinue members
    -Fixed Roman Turncoat ancillary, so it actually gives command bonus against Romans
    -Fixed the trigger for Navigator ancillary, so it can be gained by admirals
    -Fixed the trigger for Poisoner ancillary, so it can be gained by assassins

    Changes in both export_descr_character_traits.txt and export_VnVs.txt files:

    -Parts of Energetic line of traits tweaked, so they won't get worse at higher levels
    -To prevent drop in morale bonus when becoming Legendary Hero, this trait gets its morale bonus increased from +2 to +4 (to same level as National Hero) and also gets a +1 bonus to Command when attacking (like same trait in Barbarian Invasion expansion)

    Changes in export_descr_character_traits.txt file only:

    -Added anti-traits to some traits to prevent weird or impossible combinations
    -Several anti-traits that worked in one direction fixed to work in both directions
    -Added the workaround for a bug when gaining an anti-trait would reset trait value to 0 (instead of reducing it for value of anti-trait)
    -Increased point awards in birth and adoption triggers for traits that need more then one point to get first level of the trait, so it's actually possible to gain those traits at character generation (expect more vices and virtues from new family members)
    -Changed crushing victory condition in triggers for GoodRiskyAttacker/Defender line of traits to clear or better, since winning difficult battles with just clear victory is great accomplishment on its own
    -Removed the trigger for gaining IndecisiveAttacker group of traits when ending turn in enemy zone of control, since trigger does not work as intended (it can fire even when you can't attack the enemy, or when you are besieging)
    -Fixed trigger for Logistical skill, so it can be gained by generals that move a lot
    -Smoothtalker changed to be diplomat trait, since its effects deal with bribing
    -Fixed trigger for BadTaxman line of traits, so it won't be awarded in situations when tax policy is best as it could be
    -Fixed problems with Senate Office triggers, which could result in losing some senate titles
    -Implemented new triggers for Warlord, Siege and Ambusher traits from Barbarian Invasion expansion, in order to make it possible to improve these traits in imperial campaign
    -Introduced two new birth triggers to make it possible that Intelligent and Genius characters could be born


    -Added hotfix to formation for light cavalry armies, to prevent generals getting placed at same tile as other infantry (descr_formations_ai.txt)
    -Added missing unit info card for Spanish Onagers (carthaginian_onagers_info.tga)
    -Fixed the bug when some soldiers would die when exiting medium siege towers (descr_engines.txt)
    -Fixed the bug when two of senate family members had Greek names and looks (descr_regions.txt)
    -Fixed the bug when all Italian provinces spawned rebels of Greek culture (descr_regions.txt)
    -Fixed an issue when game would crash at 237BC and several other dates (historic_events.txt)

    My own:

    -Made Rebels unplayable
    -Set Custom Locations so that you can play custom battles without everyone drowning in the ocean
    -Made MM mod foldered
    -Changed Resolution of Strategy and Battlemaps

    Download links:

    -Download and extract the files to your desktop
    -Move the MM folder to your RTW folder
    -Create a shortcut of your RTW game and name it 'Mundus Magnus'
    -Right click the shortcut and in the target line add this after ALL quotations: -show_err mod:MM

    I had a 5.5 version but is very buggy and unstable, so I will only post 6.0. 6.0 has everything from 5.5 except the things that made it buggy.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    -New faction symbols for every faction. They are from Mundus Magnus 2.0

    -Egypt is now represented as a Greek faction
    -Many units removed from the game, including all fantasy units, most siege units, and the ahistorical Roman units along with others.
    -About 48 new units including three new Mercenary units. These are all 'reskinned' units.

    -Resef's Combined Animations Pack, which means many units will have better animations.
    -2 New factions: The Mauryan Empire and The Hellenic States
    -All Bugs fixed
    -More historical starting positions
    -All banners and symbols implemented


    Simply Extract the MM folder into your RTW directory. If you have had previous versions of MM, delete your current folder and extract the new one.
    Make sure you go to properties on your shortcut and set the target line to: -show_err mod:MM

    ngr for his Mundus Magnus Map
    Alejandro Magno for his geographical modding for version 4.0
    player1 for his Bug Fixer v3.36 for RTW/BI 1.5/1.6
    comrade_general for his recoloring skills and his mod 'The Hellenic States' that I pulled some UI's and textures from
    RedFox for the new Wooden Walls from 'Diadochi: Total War'
    DimeBagHo for some of his textures and UI's from his 'Extended Greek Mod'
    The 'Macedon Expansion' team for some textures and UI's
    Resef for his Combined Animations Pack
    Rarity for some modelling fixes on some units
    The Rise of Empire mod for some textures and UI's
    Maraxus for some UI's

    If I leave anyone out who offered their services or works please let me know and I will add you!

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