I visited there, you know, during my younger days. I wanted to see the world and note some of the fantasies the world had to offer outside of my own perhaps perverted view of my own environment. My world was one of stark contrast and deep demential erraticizm. Therefore, in an effort to escape what was becoming too erotic for my own good, I took to sea and went about to colder places to cool that ego that swelled with ungoods that did me nothing but for see that there was nothing really for me here. When I arrived, there they lay. I was surprised at how interesting and desirable they and their situation was. The cold air supressed wants and needs, I felt calm and content. I no longer lusted for things I couldn’t have see or even know existed. The salt scented air was soothing to my soul as it passed from lung to blood to mind. The weathered stone upon the shore were beautiful yet solumn as they concealed beneath my feet what was once as I, but no more. Just a frozen in time reflection of decay that I thought was apparent back in my mirror at home. But here, it seemed different. I wanted it yet knew that these men waited. Therefore, so should I. Reading weathered wood monuments that time had selfishly faded, I noted who they were and when they lived and found that despite youth lost (a situation often misunderstood by the more intellectual and ambitious), these men were quite content to lie frozen beneath the earth, sleeping, warm in posture and gaze, forever entombed in from where they came. I couldn’t understand why I should feel so happy and proud for them. Needless to say, when I could drag myself away from the calm and contentment of their death and the aura that it cast over the island where they lay, I went back to sea. Homeward bound to once again be consumed by the delusion of life I possessed. Once home, with lusts and desires desicating in the summer heat (much to my dismay), I gazed in the mirror and saw the face I imagined deep beneath my feet not long ago and did feel some contentment finally. I concluded that my visit was a good one and served a good purpose. After which time, I lay down upon my bed, looked to my left and said, ”would you like to know what I have learned?” Much to my delight, the response was a soft, somewhat meek “yes”. I rolled over.

-some of the misspells are intentional others are my poor grammar, ha ha. Note them if you can! >:D