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    If you have noticed I have come out with new versions for the Mundus Magnus Map, you can find that thread here. Those mods were pretty simple and kept it very vanilla like, I didn't use hardly any new units.

    Now Mundus Magnus is in for a big upgrade!

    Here is a combined list of all the features that I plan on implementing into MM, some are from previous versions.

    - An upgraded map will be used, made by Philadelphos, this map in my opinion is one of the most historically accurate maps made for the RTW engine. It will feature historic road systems, mountain ranges, settlement positioning, coastlines, and rivers!

    - Along with this map will be a historically accurate setting. Family trees, faction positions and scenarios. The main campaign will start in 280 BC, Pyrrhus will be looking to conquer Italy, Antigonus will be looking to unite Macedon, Pergamum will begin it's time as a Kingdom, and the Galatians will be looking to settle somewhere.

    - The faction list will consist of:
    1. Rome
    2. Carthage
    3. Macedon
    4. Seleucids
    5. Ptolemies
    6. Parthia
    7. Pontus
    8. Armenia
    9. Numidia
    10. The Greek Cities (Representing Sparta, Athens, Rhodes, Syracuse, and Massilia)
    11. The Hellenistic States (Representing Epirus, Pergamum, Cyrene, Bosporan Kingdom, and Bactria)
    12. Eastern Kingdoms (Representing Bithynia, Cappadocia, Atropatene, and Nabataea)
    13. Gauls
    14. Germans
    15. Iberians
    16. Getai (Replacing Dacia)
    17. Sarmatians
    18. Illyrians (Replacing Thrace)
    19. Celtic Tribes (Representing Britons, Belgae, Celt-Iberians, Noricum, Tylis, and Galatians)
    20. Roman Rebels
    21. Rebels

    There were two major factors that helped me shape the faction list. One, I wanted all the smaller kingdoms to be represented by something other than Rebels, and two I wanted to break the mod up into separate major campaigns spanning from Alexander to Trajan. Now, will it be possible to do all of this? I don't know for sure yet, but it seems like I can work with this.

    - With an updated mod you need new units, and MM will have plenty of them, whether they are made new or come from other vanilla based mods, expect many new units. Each faction will have historically accurate rosters

    - An AOR system. AOR stands for Area of recruitment. For example, Carthage will have access to Libyan Spearmen ONLY in Africa, not anywhere else since historically Libyan Spearmen were from North Africa.

    - Environment Upgrades* I am going to see how RS2 environments looks like with the units, if it's good expect it, if it's not expect upgraded vanilla environments

    - New Wooden Walls. They will be tier 3 as Epic Stone Walls have been removed. These walls are courtesy of Diadochi Total War.

    - Misc. Mods such as Better Water, Projectiles In ground, Resef's animations pack etc will be implemented

    - New textures for the Campaign Map

    - New Faction symbols

    I do not have a lot of visuals to show you, but the more I can put in the more I'll be able to show, so stay tuned! Feedback, questions and suggestions are welcome.

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus 7.0 Gold

    I have implemented RS2 Environments and they are beautiful! Right now, I am kind of stuck on what I want to do. I still have not received the map from Philadelphos, so I could probably start adding in new units but we shall see. I wish I was good at modelling, or I had a modeller who was around all the time to work on this mod with me because I have a lot of ideas for unit concepts. So if you can model well, let me know. Until then I will probably just use existing units from other mods.


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