With Rome Total War II coming out this September it got me thinking.... what would make the ULTIMATE RTW game? The idea I had centers around the campaign map. The makers of RTW2 say the campaign map will be HUGE, but it will most likely just be an expansion of the original map but further east & further south! But to me this seems like a step back compared to Empire Total War... So what if you could play RTW on an Empire type campaign map? In Empire Total War you have three main theatres 1) Europe, Mid. East & North Africa, 2) The Indian Subcontinent & 3) North America & South America, of coarse in a RTW type game a map of North & South America would be useless so you could replace it with a map of the far east (China). This would give you a truly huge map with boats moving from 1 map to another thru those worm holes in ETW, which would allow in theory the Romans to invade India or China or vice versa & you could retain the four minor trade theatres.