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Thread: "Failed to join game: No response from host" problem.

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    Default "Failed to join game: No response from host" problem.

    First off hello to every body since this is my first I would like to be courteous. I know this is a common problem that neither Steam not TW have truly addressed.
    Any way I been playing E:TW for awhile when one day I started to get that error message. I play through a free WIFI that the city I live in offers, that is on 24/7, so there are no ports for me to open. And my firewall seems to be allowing the game to work fine. I also read about Hamachi and downloaded it but not sure how that helps. I would really appreciate any help you guys can give me, since I have a joins to play.

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    Default Re: "Failed to join game: No response from host" problem.

    Try posting about it here:

    Hope they are of some help.

    And welcome to the Org

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