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Thread: RIP Mick Aston

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    Default RIP Mick Aston

    I'll just leave this here:

    It won't mean a great deal to people outside the UK, but Time Team was a big influence on my life - it fueled my interest in Archaeology and that led me into the carrier I have now.

    I never met Mick Aston - but I know people who did and they always said he was the same in real life as on TV, if not better.
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    Default Re: RIP Mick Aston

    Great show that you could while a way a few hours on More 4 during the daytime.

    Me an me dad used watch it all the time when he was sick.
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    Default Re: RIP Mick Aston


    I wish more academics would get involved in so-called low-culture (media)
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