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    Default The Leviathan

    I am writing a book of children's stories and poems (several of which I have posted here already). Here is another one.

    There was once a little boy named Willy. Little Willy was much smaller than the other boys on the block, so he was always made fun of. As little Willy grew up, he fell in with some bad people. The worst of which was big Richard Golova. Big Dick was a really bad influence on little Willy, and taught him to smoke, drink, and take drugs. Little Willy would get depressed, because all the girls preferred big Dick to little Willy. Poor little Willy would both be jealous of and worship his new friend, who helped him take the pain away. None of it seemed fair to little Willy. He didn't choose to be so small or unloved. What did he ever do to make people hate and tease him so much?

    By the time little Willy had turned twenty he had been arrested four times, spent two years in prison, had seven tattoos, and eight body piercings. He was quite proud of his record as a derelict. After all, he had nothing else to really be proud of, except his best friend big Dick. Big Dick was all he had in the world to take his pain away or make him feel wanted. Poor little Willy would not know what to do if he did not have Big Dick.

    Imagine his shock and sorrow when big Dick told him that he was getting married and could no longer hang out with him! Little Willy was devastated, but could do nothing to change big Dick's mind. Little Willy decided that he would never see big Dick again, and refused to attend his wedding. Poor little Willy wandered around the streets with his head downcast, not knowing where he was going or what he would do.

    As little Willy walked down the abandoned streets around Midnight he bumped into a woman walking the other way, knocking her to the ground.

    "I'm sorry!" he exclaimed, helping her back to her feet.

    "Oh, it's really nothing." She said, smiling sweetly. As little Willy's eyes met hers, he felt a rush that he had never felt before in his life.

    "Uh...uhhh..." he stammered, "My name is Willy, what is yours?"

    "I don't have a name" she replied, "but you can call me Kali. I am on my way back home, would you like to come to my place for dinner?"

    "Sure Kali, that sounds great!" little Willy replied jubilantly as he followed her home.

    She led him through some streets, down a set of stairs, into the basement of a shop where she tied him up and ate him alive. She didn't even care that he was short and skinny, and had so little meat on his bones. Size doesn't matter to a cannibal.
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    Default Re: The Leviathan

    I am guessing this is about how society treats and chews through people. Inspiring no hope.
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