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Thread: Video Bug FIX Shogun: Total War

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    Default Video Bug FIX Shogun: Total War

    I found this.
    this can fix the menu flickering. that solution woks in many old games so if you have other problems with other games...

    first dowload this:

    XP users :

    Vista/7 users :

    with that you should force STW or MWT to "ForceDirectDrawEmulation" and "Forcervideo" and shoud be fixed. if not there is a lot of fixes.
    read the tutorial below to know how woks this tool.

    the below i found on but the fix was not for TW but for old games in general...


    You could try is to use the Windows Application Compatability Toolkit (ACT) to force the computer to emulate a slow CPU. Exact instructions follow:

    1.Download ACT from the link showed above and install it. To install ACT you will require .NET framework, which you may get here.

    2. Open the Compatibility Administrator Tool.

    3. On the left side of the window, under "Custom Databases", there should be an entry entitled "New Database" or something similar. Right-click on it, click on it and select "Create New/Application Fix" from the menu.

    3a. If there is not a new database entry already present, create one by selecting "File/New" from the menu bar, then continue as above.

    4. Enter the appropriate information in the dialog box. For example the program should be located at "C:\Program Files\GameDir\MyGame.exe". Click Next.

    5. Where it asks you to select compatibility modes to be applied to the program, Select the one for the operating system you are going to emulate. Hit Next.

    6. You should be at the compatibility fixes screen. If you need to emulate a slow CPU, scroll down until you find "EmulateSlowCPU", and click the check box next to it. If you are going to run a game in software mode, also click the check box next to "ForceDirectDrawEmulation", otherwise leave it blank. Leave everything else blank. Click Next.

    Note: Setting "ForceDirectDrawEmulation" will turn off 3d acceleration automatically when launching the program, thus relieving you of the difficulty of opening dxdiag every single time you want to run your game.
    7. On the matching information screen, just accept the default options. Click the Finish button. The dialog box should close.

    8. Repeat steps 3 to 7 for other games you may want to add to the database.

    9. Click the save button at the top of the window. Name your new database, and save it somewhere on your hard drive (it really doesn't matter where).

    10. Right-click on the database you just saved, and choose "Install" from the drop-down menu.

    11. You're done! Close the compatibility administrator and run your game.
    Note: If you have enabled Win 95/98/ME compatibility, disable it before applying this fix.

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    Default Re: Video Bug FIX Shogun: Total War

    Use with sepheus fix for better results...
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    Default Re: Video Bug FIX Shogun: Total War

    this fix the menu bug disabling the 3d acceleration but the game get slow... because its a software rendering, found the problem but i don't know how fix it...
    i found some other solutions but always have a problem, like i can put the game in window, even in a boderless window but tha game works in multiples resolutions.
    if i coud make a ddraw wrapper like Sepheus but with a vsync fix! the menu problem is the menu are in DDraw and the game are in D3D that is the why only the menu has a problem.

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