One of the better arstechnica space articles

"Orbiting about 250 miles (400-ish km) above our heads is one of the most complex and expensive engineering projects that the human race has ever put together: the International Space Station (ISS). The station masses around 450 tons (400 metric tons) and is a bit larger than an American football field. Its assembly required dozens and dozens of launches by Russia and the US (including 37 space shuttle flights), and it took astronauts and cosmonauts 155 spacewalks to get the whole thing bolted together—2.5 times more spacewalks than had previously occurred since the beginning of space flight."

The article goes into detail about how the space station avoids collisions including mundane details like why the clock starts at 28.5 hrs before impact.

Very cool if you like engineering and pushing the human envelope for the rest of you I have a cave and some sticks to rub together. :)

GC enjoy its got plenty of delta v.