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Thread: Pontos/Seleucid Empire alliance

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    Default Pontos/Seleucid Empire alliance

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and have some questions about Europa Barbarorum.
    First of all, I would like to know why Pontos and the Seleucid Empire are allies in 272 BC. I know Pontos was made in the ashes of Lysimachos, an enemy of Seleukos.
    Secondly, I still wonder why the EB creators chose to make a kind of Suez canal.
    And last but not least, why is Lesbos under Macedonian rule? I read somewhere Lesbos became Ptolemaic after the death of Alexander.
    Thanks in advance,
    Tigranes the Great

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    Default Re: Pontos/Seleucid Empire alliance

    Lesbos was being fought over by the Ptolemaic forces (something they had just started, in continuation to their encroaching in southern Anatolia after the death of Seleukos), but Mytilene and its akropolis in 272 BCE were under an Antigonid garrison.

    The "kind of Suez canal" had been made during the Persian rule, ships would be driven across and then unloaded in the Red Sea.

    Mithradates I Ktistes was actually an enemy of Seleukos I Nikator and his state came to be while fleeing from Antigonos Monophthalmos. But after gaining Amastris and initiating a policy to extend his influence in Northern Anatolia, he found himself in a difficult situation due to the arrival of the Galatai. Thus in the early 270s BCE Mithradates I allied himself with Antiochos I (or simply sided with him) against the invaders and their allies and by extention against the Ptolemaioi. Whether this was official or a mutual understanding out of short-term needs, the two Basileis were effectively in League.
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    Default Re: Pontos/Seleucid Empire alliance

    aah, thank you, that clears it all up!

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    Default Re: Pontos/Seleucid Empire alliance

    An enjoyable thing to do in EB, after the fall of the Eleutheroi in Ankyra to a stronger power (either yourself or the AI) is to use Force Diplomacy to give Ankyra to the Arveni. Ankyra then becomes a living Gallic outpost in Asia, often building up a very large garrison and giving both Pontos and Seleukia quite a headache.


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