Hi all, new to the forums but been viewing them for years on tutorials etc, but my hand has been forced to register as I am truly stumped. I recently download the Warhammer total war mod for Rome TW. I got a bright idea that I would love to see the hordes of chaos stomp the Roman Empire (just for fun), so I started exchanging units in the mod to the vanilla game starting them in Britain.

I have one unit left to transfer, everything done apart from when I start the game, i get the error that "Chaos heavy horse" does not exist, when it does! I moved it into the "desc_model_battle" text, made the necessary adjustments and the game is treating it as if it is not there :/, even double checked the EDU and everything is in order, every other unit is working just fine even a previous cavalry unit (despite them actually being floating beasts) . Anyone else encountered similar problems such as this? And could possibly shine some light on the situation? The hordes of chaos demand cavalry!