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    Well another great Slitherine-Matrix Press Event at Historicon 2013, Virginia, USA.

    For Lordz the main news is the newly raised joint-venture with Slitherine-Matrix, Lordz Media Limited, offering Indie developers a whole network of media solutions.

    Quoting JD McNeil, CEO of the Slitherine group:

    And here today we are announcing yet a further new initiative that we hope will take your games to the next level.

    We have formed a new Joint Partnership company with the Lordz Games Studio, called LORDZ MEDIA LIMITED. This company’s sole purpose is to support our independent development partners, by providing immediate and easy access for all in game assets and services. What in effect this means is that large or small all of our Developers will have instant access to our pool of professionals, artists, musicians, voiceovers, videos, platform porters, UI artists and all of the creative assets that you consider will help you bring your games to the next level.

    The decision to utilize these resources or not, will remain entirely your decision and in many instances we will provide the initial funding to help make this possible, as we believe that a simple fact of life these days, is that gamers now want better visuals, easier UI etc to go with your great strategy games and this new service will make it so much easier to achieve this.

    And second announcing a bunch of new games and projects that Lordz are working on, on various levels like: Strategic Command 3, Gary Grisby`s: War in the West, Sovereignty, Panzer Corps series and Commander for iPad and Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon!

    For some cool pictures have a look here:


    Wargamers will be spoiled the next few years!

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