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    in europa barbarorum 1 siege engines were hard to recruit could you make it so they're much easier to recruit than before it took a big aspect out of the game

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    Not so much hard to get as expensive, late-game and useless, since we get towers for free.

    The game is an attempt to represent the historical adjacent possible of the early 3rd century onwards. Historically this is a period dominated by closed formation infantry; not artillery. siege engines should be rare.
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    As an addition, Romans could have penalty when sieging, since they were extremely poor at it prior to the 1st century BC.

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    I wouldn't know about that. Seeing Marius's tactics in the late 2nd century I wouldn't dare to make claims about the period immediately prior to that. And in any case they were brilliant besiegers in the 1st century BC.

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    Not to mention Scipio already shown in the late 3rd century BCE, that a competent and ingenious general could easily make up for any technical lacking...

    The Romani first taste of professional siege warfare was the 'First Punic War', and they picked up the logistical implications quite fast...
    Plus it isn't exactly necessary to play "by the book", Syrakousai was still captured for example ^^

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    Why destroy walls and buildings just to have to repair them later? I'd rather scale the walls personally. Can't wait to play this game. Keep up the good work guys!

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