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    Dont know if this has been posted already but

    interesting interview. I think the most interesting point was the bit about siege warfare. If LoS works like he says it will make sieges really interesting, some real gurella tactics can be used in the city streets. Funnel troops into ambushes and stuff. Love the sound of it.

    also no boats to transport troops across water, just like civ 5 you just walk them onto water and they turn into fleets. dont think that has been spoken about before.

    Other than that I dont think there is any other really new information.

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    Glad to hear that rivers are going to be so realistic that you can see fish walking in them.

    Anyone notice the odd twitch on the interviewee's cheek?

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    When I first found that guy on youtube I thought he was a weirdo, then I actually watched some of his movies, and he's so much better than most the guys out there! My thoughts


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