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Thread: Info from Gamestar magazine - AI still bad

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    Default Info from Gamestar magazine - AI still bad

    They took down the pictures scanned from the magazine due to copyright, but have let people summarize the article (and screenshots).

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    I try to translate what I noticed:

    Prologue Campaign is about Rom's fight against the samnites

    Three part prologue

    Successful senate mission and conqured regions increase the "level" of your empire --> which allows you to recruit more agents and field more armies and fleets

    Limited number of edicts in your empire (increases with the time)

    The Army stance looting cuts the cost for the looting army in half.

    For example if you build a workshop in a town you can recruit balliste in the whole province but only in that province.

    Your cavalry can come ashore however without their horses, unloading sieges engines like ballistas isn't possible during the battle.

    spys are invisible unless you have agents in counter intelligence mode close to them

    Every agent can now kill or bribe. (no assassination videos) Many special abilities a champion can for example strengthen your public order or wage a guerillia war behind the enemy lines. A dignitary can wage a cultural war (whatever that is supposed to mean) if you combine these effects it makes rebellions much more likely.

    Dignitaries also increase the tax income and increase the cultural conversion rate. in your enemy's country they decrease the tax income and incite cultural unrest.

    The (roman) civil war has a time limit the party who has done best in it wins. If you loose the civil war you also loose much of your influence.

    The menu seems a little confusing for example your military resarch splits of into three research trees but you can only see one tree at once.
    No skill trees for generals or agents there is only a list which skills they already have, you have to look into the encyclopedia if you want to know which skills unlock other skills.

    unfortunately the AI apperently hasn't improved much with the notable exception of one flanking maneuver on the battle map. On the Campaign map the AI likes to send mini-armies arround the map ( we are reminded, that the game is still no finished and that the tester was only able to play the proluge on the easiest difficulty)

    The AI often advances directly towards your units even if the can't see them (line of sight)

    some of the weird stuff the ai pulled:

    - Letting the cavalry run in circles (while being shot at)

    - During a attack on a coastal town two transport ships calmly rowed arround the whole map instead of attacking the player

    -During a siege the ai placed their infantry on the walls and their archers in the middle of the town.

    It sounds like back to square one for CA.

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    Default Re: Info from Gamestar magazine - AI still bad

    Damn.. Thats what i was afraid of the AI might as we be as bad as always. But i guess we cant be fully sure until we play the game ourselves....

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    Default Re: Info from Gamestar magazine - AI still bad

    Let us hope this was just the result of brain dead AI scripting on Easy. If not, hold on tight brothers/sisters, we're in for a long winter...

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    Default Re: Info from Gamestar magazine - AI still bad

    Not too worried, not a final build so bound to still be some bugs to work out. also playing the prologue campaign on easy, which is most likely (has been in the past) heavily scripted AI.

    will wait and see for myself.
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