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Thread: New gameplay

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    Default New gameplay

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    Default Re: New gameplay

    The units look great as does the terrain and the ships.

    Less great:
    - Another ADD host - where do they get these people.
    - Battle speed WAY too fast - not liking that at all.
    - That unit window - lower left corner - is too obstrusive and almost unecessary - hope we can kill that
    - And what's w/ the yellow transporter beam?

    Ah well.
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    Default Re: New gameplay

    Ha, I thought he was pretty quiet for an American, positively sedate.

    - Skirmish is still useless.
    - Not sure how I feel about the LOS system. It would be weird to have units popping into view over a hill.
    - The CA guy is really bad. He got in one charge (against skirmishers) before losing his cav as an effective force.

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    Default Re: New gameplay

    Apart from playing really bad I actually thought the guy was ok as a presenter

    What bugs me:
    -You already gone though the trouble of making italian swordsmen, so why give the samnites those horrible Polybian Hastati
    -Playercolor everywhere, for gods sake there are humongous banners and bright selection rings why make everyone wear ugly state issued pajamas?
    -no Unit numbers? :(
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    Default Re: New gameplay

    I'll be honest, it looks like everything core under the hood is identical. Same present, different wrapping paper.
    I also love how the designers basically say that in the game they are making about historical cultures they don't care about historical accuracy, but basically need to tow the line a bit because of all the pesky, whiny fans. But that is ok, because they will still include as many fantasy units as possible and just point to obscure, inaccurate, misinterpreted historical sources to justify them and shut the fans up.
    The game seems to have the same pathfinding and formation issues as the past couple. The same mud-dumb AI. What has changed? They tacked on some unrealistic, fancy gizmos! How about actually doing some darned work on the core of the game to improve the AI and fix you always bugged formations and pathfinding? They always lie and say that they do, and then every game ends up being a clone of the one before it with different visuals. I'm really getting sick of it. All these years and all these iterations later and they still have made almost no progress on the most important fronts!
    And the whole control points thing that forces you to try to lure your enemy to you taking tons of losses because you cannot leave your baggage train without losing the game is really messed up.
    Sorry CA, but I am not impressed.
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    Default Re: New gameplay

    Looks like the frantic clickfest gameplay and the very un-period-authentic glowing unit outlines are still refusing to go away.



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