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Thread: Canción do meu Soverano, Sancho o Máxico

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    Default Canción do meu Soverano, Sancho o Máxico

    My Sancho took me to Tolosa,
    Where we danced with Alsatian men,
    I caught myself a très formosa,
    And brought her back with me again.

    We were rallied anew around the crown,
    More men than ever before,
    Then we went to pull the old Cid down,
    By his ears before our Lord.

    Now in this task our efforts were double,
    But it was very swiftly done,
    Though I lost an eye for my trouble,
    And the other later on.

    Ah he fought well in every action.
    My lord, and so did every prince,
    He ruled unplagued by faction,
    In peace we've not known since.

    Now there is order and fortification,
    Far south and further north,
    Naught but peace and pacification,
    Whence the Ebre issues forth.

    And now he's gone, my dear Sanchit',
    Another Sancho in his place,
    Will they chase the fleur de lis,
    Or meet the Berber race?

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    Default Re: Canción do meu Soverano, Sancho o Máxico

    Well done, Monomakh!

    Your style reminds me of someone we once knew...
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    Default Re: Canción do meu Soverano, Sancho o Máxico

    Beautiful, thank you!

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    Default Re: Canción do meu Soverano, Sancho o Máxico

    Thank you, Monomakh, for this stirring glimpse into the annals of the proud Catalans. I remember well when this forum knew such flights of poetic fancy as this.

    Like drone, I can't help but wonder...

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    Default Re: Canción do meu Soverano, Sancho o Máxico

    Quite a beautiful piece, Monomakh, I wish I had discovered it earlier. Alas, very beautiful.
    Ja mata, TosaInu. You will forever be remembered.


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