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Thread: Jack Lusted Answers Questions Part II

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    Default Jack Lusted Answers Questions Part II

    2nd batch of answers. See the 2nd post

    Here is a good one:

    What are the sizes of different units and what are they on the different unit size settings?
    These numbers are by type, and then huge/large/medium/small unit size. Melee infantry 160/120/80/40, missile infantry 120/90/60/30, cavalry 80/60/40/20, artillery 40/30/20/10 and 4/3/2/1 engines.
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    Default Re: Jack Lusted Answers Questions Part II

    They still haven't answered the question that I have asked twice so far. Guess they only answer the easy ones.
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    Default Re: Jack Lusted Answers Questions Part II

    The juiciest info was in the first batch, but still, more information is always welcome. It's good to hear we're moving back to a bit more tile based map generation even if the explanation was a bit... strange. have to see it in action I guess but it sounds like a promising return.

    Also sounds like they've gone all out revamping sieges. Hopefully they will be much more fun to play and not simply meatgrinders to unfairly kill the AI.


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