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Thread: Total War: Rome 2 at Gamescom next week!

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    Default Total War: Rome 2 at Gamescom next week!

    Hello everyone,

    I am a presenter on the GameOverCast team a weekly enthusiast video gaming podcast.

    We are going to Gamescom this week and are lucky enough to get to see Total War: Rome 2 and play it hands on plus chat to the development team

    I personally am a massive fan of Total War series with Rome still being my most fond memory. We have lots of questions lined up but would love to ask some directly from the fans. If you have anything you would like us to ask please could you post them in this thread and we will do our best to ask as many of them as we can.

    I will post a link to the podcast and the time where we feature the game once we get back, we will be seeing over 40 games so it may take a few shows before we feature all of them.

    If you guys fancy checking out the show, this weeks features a interesting back and forth discussion on whether video games do story telling better than films. We are recording a Gamescom preview show tonight which will go out later this week.

    Let me know what you want to know!

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    Default Re: Total War: Rome 2 at Gamescom next week!

    Wow, cool can't wait for more Rome 2 info!!!


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