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Thread: Headphones issue

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    Default Headphones issue

    Howdy y'all. Have had an issue crop up with my headphones and I'm not sure what the source of the issue would be and whether or not to just set fire to them and get a new pair. Currently, they're oddly... inconsistent with the audio feedback. For eg, I'll be listening to music and be getting perfectly good feedback on the instrumental part of the song, but anything involving spoken dialogue(in this case lyrics) comes in very soft, almost like it's underwater. This mostly holds true no matter what I'm doing- eg, dialogue in vidja games comes off distant and echo-ey, but the effects will be fine. It's some basic logitech set so I wouldn't be *too* upset if it just turns out that it's burned out, but everything seems fine on the physical end... if that means anything. Oh, and I tested it on multiple computers, so I know it's not a sound card issue.

    Anyways, something I can fix with a driver or something? Or do I just have to toss them in the furnace?
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    Default Re: Headphones issue

    Hmm, hard to say without hearing it, but two possibilities spring to mind:

    1. Something's partially burned out, either in the volume rheostat or the li'l speakers. Voices tend to be at a pretty narrow range of frequency, and it's possible your cans have a short somewhere. This would explain the trouble hearing dialogue.
    2. Or your audio settings got bonked, and you've got the wrong mix feeding. For example, if you've got your audio set to a 5.1 config, the 'puter may be treating your cans like the left-right speakers of a five-speaker setup. This would also explain why you're having trouble with dialogue, since that's usually routed to the center speaker.


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