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Thread: Should i buy an ultrabook for rome 2?

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    Default Should i buy an ultrabook for rome 2?

    Hey guys im wondering if anyone can help me out and others who are also wondering the same thing.

    So im looking to buy an ultrabook or even a laptop of some sort i remember watching a video of intel talking about how people can play rome 2 on ultrabooks on trains and planes etc so that got me thinking if i should buy one for rome 2?

    But people also told me that ultrabooks are not meant for gaming, What should i do?

    What specification should i be looking for Example ram size etc....

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    Default Re: Should i buy an ultrabook for rome 2?

    Don't go for an ultrabook. It's simply not worth it for something like Rome 2, which is quite graphics intensive, unless you're made of money. Playing while travelling sounds like a good idea until you think about the fact that an ultrabook battery is going to last approximately half an hour running the game, then you'd have to bring the power brick to plug in. You'd have to play using a fiddly touchpad (imagine trying to control a battle like that), or you can bring a mouse, and you'd need headphones too. So now you have a power brick, a mouse, and headphones in your cramped train/plane seat, trying to concentrate while the whole thing is shaking around and people are probably staring at you.

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    Default Re: Should i buy an ultrabook for rome 2?

    As an Ultrabook owner(and I play RTW1 on it) I can tell you NOT to do that. For new games like R2 Desktops and those mega bulky gaming laptops are still the hardware of choice. Ultrabooks, while normally equipped with good RAM and great CPU, still have severe shortages in the Graphics and Storage departments. things R2 will be rather heavy on. Also an Ultrabook with ample specs will deplete it's battery pretty quickly and cost you 3 times what you'd pay for a Desktop that runs it smoother. For work and study Ultrabooks are pretty awesome, for games just marginally better than netbooks.

    + Ultrabooks get pretty hot when playing anything more tasking than ... Minesweeper, nothing you'd want sitting on your crotch ;)
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