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Thread: How to Play TOTAL WAR: ROME II - The Basics

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    Default How to Play TOTAL WAR: ROME II - The Basics

    News from CA:

    Hello Guys!

    Though most of you are well versed in the Total War series, no game is ever the same!

    We now have a 'How to Play' page for Total War: ROME II that offers some handy beginners hints and tips for your campaign game play and how to quickly and efficiently command your army!

    Also helpful if you've been trying to persuade friends who are unfamiliar with the series (it can seem quite daunting), share this beginners guide and get them involved!

    What’s more, we will have 24 hour community and technical support for the first two weeks from launch. If you have gameplay or technical questions around ROME II, post in the official forum here for the fastest possible response to your query from the dev team:
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    Default Re: How to Play TOTAL WAR: ROME II - The Basics

    The links contain quick bite-sized tutorial videos. I like them. Not really indepth to tell you where to go or what tech is better than others, unfortunately. Still kinda nice! Good find

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    Default Re: How to Play TOTAL WAR: ROME II - The Basics

    That is for us to find out Monk, would not want to give out too much information now would they?

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    Default Re: How to Play TOTAL WAR: ROME II - The Basics

    I have to say that CA so far is doing a great job all around the game. I disagree obviously about a couple of things, and I'm not happy about some others but it looks so far pretty good. I will know soon enough how it turns out in the short and the long run.
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