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Thread: Disc or Dlc?

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    Default Disc or Dlc?

    I've always owned discs for total war but lm thinking of buying Rome 2 off steam wich I asume will be dlc. Is there any pros and cons for dlc over disc as i have plenty hard drive space.

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    Check the thread below:

    And you still have to activate it through Steam... the manual isn't worth that much anymore, so I'd say just get the digital version... I just bought it off gamefly where it was a bit cheaper (40 pounds, about 47 euro) and it also has the pre sale bonus and there you also get a key you can use to activate it in Steam.

    Just pre-loaded it, so roll on tuesday!
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    Despite owning Rome: Total War on disk (about four feet from me), I recently bought it on Steam. Why? Firstly, I don't have to faff with disks and patches to install it and get it up to date if I haven't played it in a while - simply find it in my Steam games list and double-click to install it. Secondly, when I do want to play it, I don't need to have the disk in to play.

    The only reason I might buy a game on DVD in future is if it's way cheaper, or I don't have the internet connection to download whole games.

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    Disc, you immediately install, plus for Steam after you install from disc you don't need it again, you could either download the game or install from disc if you reinstall. Provides more evidence that you actually "owned" the game than just having the digital version. Plus you get the box along with it plus what's inside so more for your money's worth.

    Oh, you could also just take the code and plop it in Steam if you wanted though disk install is quite faster for many people/ all plus you can play without disc after install.
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    I picked up the Bonus Pack DVD for €36.90, I thought that was a pretty good price for a brand new TW release. With the discs you still have to install the game through the Steam interface, so afterwards you no longer need the discs to play after it's activated.

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    I've always liked discs but have bought a few games direct through Steam recently (though not TW ones). No great pros or cons I'd say, except price. When I decided to preorder TW:R2 it was much cheaper through Amazon UK - £25 incl VAT with free p+p. Still listed at that price today. Steam price has reduced since first announced but still a little more than Amazon.

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    Assuming a game requires Steam to play (like the recent TW titles do), the only real difference is installation time and bandwidth. I have Empire on disk, and it installs much faster than I can download it. However, if something happens to the disk, I can always download it in the future through Steam.
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