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    Here's a little something that may give someone pleasure. Or frustration.

    We all know the AI has been a dangerous rut for CA, bottoming out with Empire.* And a lot of the pain, anguish, anger, and Todestrieb being expressed about the R2 release centers on exactly this sticky wicket.

    And we all know (or should know) that programming AI is wicked difficult.

    So why not try your hand at it? Ladies and germs, I give you: RoboWars, the only game I can remember where the whole point of play is programming AI.

    Here's the windows binaries (it's open source, so no worries).

    * Which bums me out, 'cause next to ancient Rome, the Age of Enlightenment is one of my favorite periods. I mean, seriously men in wigs running around the planet on wooden ships taking over whole nations? Without electricity or radios or the combustion engine? If that's not weird and wonderful, I don't know what is. Shame it was kinda the low point of the series. Maybe they'll do it again, eh?
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    No need for Empire 2 now, we just had a failure recently. Some mods managed to patch part of the game though it still is crap.

    An Empire 2 would be suited for a release a few more years later when the time is ripe for gun powder action again and colonization! Instead of fighting a ton in Europe why not fight it in an exotic in South Africa!

    Surely that is cool stuff.

    This time let the whole world be available for conquest and colonization! Mwahahaha!

    I prefer 16th to 17th century though.
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    Lets play Divide et Impera, Ptolemy Campaign. Link to full playlist down below!


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