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Thread: Some thanks to the EB Team

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    Hi, I very much doubt anyone in the EB community has run into me but I've been around Total War games since the original Shogun. My first encounters with the modding community was when I had owned Rome Total War for a few years, and first involved Rome Total Realism. Then I ran into Europa Barbarorum.

    Thanks to the information that was on offer, I ran into many things either for the first time or in so much clearer detail (at the extremely formative time of the year before I left for university); Bactria, the Seleucids, Epirus, the Sabaic cultures, the Arverni and the Aedui, and many many more things besides. All of these introduced me to much I had never encountered before, and greatly expanded my interests.

    Fastforward to now, and I have both a BA and an MA in Ancient History. My MA dissertation was on the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom. I continue to be heavily involved with the writing and exploring of history and archaeology. Much of that is due to Europa Barbarorum and the things that it exposed me to; I very much doubt I would have ever written about the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom without Europa Barbarorum.

    So, this is something of an open thank you letter. I believe very strongly that gaming can help to expand interest and awareness of historical cultures, events and states, and Europa Barbarorum is part of why I believe this.

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    The EB team must be proud of their work and how drastically it can change people's lives! (Positively)
    Lets play Divide et Impera, Ptolemy Campaign. Link to full playlist down below!

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    Even without the mod the information and work done should be published in some form....maybe a it can be read....again....and again.....and again :)

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    Can we expect to see you dissertation on G-B Kingdom? I am very interested in that topic :)
    My girlfriend plays EB (plus she is hottie). I won the universe.


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