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Thread: wardogs are broken - not a moan, they just are

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    Thumbs down wardogs are broken - not a moan, they just are

    After playing as Rome and having a good time with them on hard I used them a bit more
    3 units seems to be awesome

    So to see what they can do I started a legendary campaign and teched to them asap, made a general 2 units of junk and 9 units or wardogs and went to war.

    standard early carthage army - general on horses, 2 skirmishers, 2 swordsmen and 1 spears
    reinforcements of a bunch of hoplites and slingers on boats

    I didn't screenshot in time and cba to upload the pic from my phone but the end result was

    Deployed 800 - loses 0 - kills 1464

    imo they should slaughter skirmishers but hoplites... even early ones shouldn't die, they are armoured! as good as my splitting and timing them to hit as boats deployed - it was a joke. I think the AI can't target them as playing vs a friend they didn't seem crazy good

    saying that I am tempted to beat the game on legendary NOW :)

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    Default Re: wardogs are broken - not a moan, they just are

    I've read posts similar to this elsewhere, where people are complaining that they're way OP. I haven't used them myself yet in Custom Battles, and my faction doesn't have access to them in my campaign, but the Romans have used them on me several times and they've been really easy to deal with from a player's perspective. It might be just as you said, another bug with the AI targeting.

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    Default Re: wardogs are broken - not a moan, they just are

    I think it's like the ai dealing with War elephants, they run in circles instead of engaging thus the ai gets destroyed.
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    Default Re: wardogs are broken - not a moan, they just are

    indeed - it's not an OP moan post
    - it must be a bug

    and as I said I tested in multiplayer and hard and legendary

    They are bugged and do not get targeted by the AI but in multiplayer my hoplites murdered them and my skirmisher died horribly which I am guessing is as intended. Did a further test and no dogs died at all on legendary difficulty


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