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Thread: Editing GA *end* dates?

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    Default Editing GA *end* dates?

    I'm wondering if it's possible to change when the game calculates GA points for victory. Sometimes I want to just play an Early era campaign, for example, but I don't want to necessarily play all the way to 1453 to count my victory (which is usually inevitable by that point anyway).

    If I just change the Early campaign end point to, say, 1205, would that allow GA points to be counted then, so I could get the nice little victory screen in 1205, or would the campaign just... end?

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    Default Re: Editing GA *end* dates?

    GA is notoriously unmoddable, but it wouldn't hurt to try. I would suggest adding the "SetGameEndDate:: 1205" line to your EARLY.txt file and see what happens.
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    Default Re: Editing GA *end* dates?

    This is an amazing idea, i believe if the game ends with GA the faction with the most points wins even without filling up their bar, so an earlier start date should work. This would be amazing as Count said for early or high campaigns, to make an end point before victory/world domination is inevitable/long since actual. If anyone does this let us know as it would be great for providing a conclusion to a campaign while it's still fun instead of grinding it out towards 60% or abandoning it.
    Very interesting idea indeed.


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