Follow this link for pre-game preview and discussion. I wish to direct you specifically to this quoted section, which is post number 11 of that thread.

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This game will be my most ambitious game to date, the only one that comes close was the previous Resident Evil Dark Falls game.

As such, I can use some help.


1) Images
2) Music
3) I could use an artist who can draw and use MS paint or a similar program, and if you draw, have a way of uploading that image to the internets so I can use it.
4) Backup co-host.

1) Images.

I need images of dark (night time) dilapidated urban settings. Run down apartment buildings, partially destroyed buildings, interior shots of creepy places such as hospitals, laboratories, dungeons, military buildings, factories, and so forth- it has to look like a resident evil universe.
These images need to be collected, re-sized, and uploaded somewhere, where I can reach them simply by viewing, right-click, and saving them to my computer so I can re-host them. These images need to be photos, or photo-realistic.

I maintain discretion to use or not use what you send me.

Anything larger than 600*600 is too large. Please resize.

2) Music.

I need links to youtube videos or other links which auto-play the music in question without having to click a button. The type of music I'm looking for is dark, gloomy, music which fits in with a horror game. Such as, for example,

The genre of music can vary a bit, it doesn't have to be alternative rock. But I don't want any Justin Bieber, thank you. You get the picture?

I have discretion to use or not use it.

3) Artist

I'm contemplating begging Crazed Rabbit for his help again, but if you think you have real artistic chops, then PM me an image of YOUR original artwork signed by your user name, so I know it's yours.

A test image, create for me a picture of the interior of a hospital with zombies in it, and also, an exterior shot of the same building, in a different image.

If your image meets my quality standards, I may hire you as my artist for this game. I'd be willing to PayPal you actual money (not much... 10 dollars, 20 dollars, depending on how much you do for me) if I like your material and I end up using a lot of it. I'll tell you beforehand how much I am willing to pay to commission additional artwork.

Initially- nothing. You're volunteering, remember? I may not use your work at all. But if I know I'm going to use a lot of your work.... If I like what I see, and you can produce it well and within a reasonable time frame, I'll say 10 bucks, I need another 10 images. You do this work for me, and I end up using it, I'll PayPal you the cash. I'll tell you how many and what kind of image I need. You make those images, you get the fundage. I'll add on more money if I need additional images, and I'll tell you what and how many, and tell you how much I can spend.

If you're going to be making a lot of high quality artwork for this game, then I am willing to compensate you for it, as much as I can afford and as much as I need for the game. But initially, you're just volunteering, and you've got to demonstrate your artistic chops to move on to the next level. Since I want all the drawn artwork to match in style, I'd prefer just one artist for the game.

I don't want you to waste a lot of time making stuff for my game if you won't be hired as the artist. So please, don't make anything I didn't ask you to make, unless it's for your own personal fun.

Again, I maintain full discretion whether I use your work or not. But if I say I'll pay you for X, I'll pay you for X. You have my word.

4) Backup co-host

In case Chaotix or myself are unable to continue.

You must have experience hosting a LARGE mafia game that is non-vanilla. This game is far more complicated and far more work than any mafia game ever will be. As such, as a bare minimum, you must be a candidate with experience and dedication to forum gaming. I will not consider you unless you've hosted a complex nonvanilla mafia game with more than 30 people. Otherwise, you have no idea what you're getting into and you will quit. Trust me.

You may join the game as a player, but if a host drops out, you step up and get all the host notes and take over. Volunteers can apply via PM. Show me your body of work and tell me why you want to be a backup cohost.

I maintain full discretion whether I turn this game over to you or not. It's my baby.

How to contribute:

Condense what you're sending me down to a url link. I don't need a whole lot of text to read.

Just links to music, or images, and I'll go through them when I have time. Indicate that this is music or images in the title of the PM

If you're sending me original artistic material and are applying to be the game artist, indicate that in the title of the PM.

If you want to be a backup host, indicate that in the title of the PM

If you don't reduce it down to the links, or use the indicators I've requested, it will make it harder for me, and it will make it less likely I'll use your material.