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Thread: Making the game more realistic

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    Default Making the game more realistic

    I made Stone Walls cost 15000 mnai and 15 turns to build. I also upped wooden palisade to 3000 mnai, and wooden walls to 4500.
    I also made Rome have no walls.

    Lastly, in order to simulate, late game, the massive cost of the Roman bureaucracy, I made Praetorian cohort and cavalry both cost around 5000 mnai for upkeep. I figured I'd just keep a couple in Italy, both for protection and for this simulation.


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    Default Re: Making the game more realistic

    Good idea. Walls are too cheap in EB considering the historical effort involved in constructing them.

    For me, your prices seem a bit too high, though. I would make them:

    Palisade: 1600 - 4 turns to build
    Wooden Walls: 3200 - 6 turns to build
    Stone Walls: 9600 - 8 turns to build
    Epic Stone Walls: 25600 - 12 turns to build

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    Default Re: Making the game more realistic

    This is a good idea. I do not like to see epic stone walls in nearly every city after 200bc. I may even push the price and time further, more like the trade port upgrades, making them more like luxury items for rich empires.


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