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    Thumbs down SUP HOMIES.

    Hi, I'm Seri :3 I'm from Massachusetts. :)

    I like cake and Moxie and other things.

    Nice to meet everyone! don't hurt me

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    Default Re: SUP HOMIES.

    The all caps title, a bold move.

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    Default Re: SUP HOMIES.

    Hi Seri. Seri is vocative for excremnet in our language. The reason for this nonsense about grammar is, I need to get 3 posts in order to post pictures. Thank you!

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    Default Re: SUP HOMIES.

    I'm new here as well so hello and good to meet you!

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    Default Re: SUP HOMIES.

    Punctuation at the end of the a name, another bold move. Bold people in this thread.


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