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Thread: Caledonii - Playable Faction

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    Default Caledonii - Playable Faction

    This is a simple mod to add the Caledonii (formerly Caledones) faction to the playable campaign roster for the latest patch.


    - Faction Description

    The Caledonii are a confederation of warrior tribes from the northern reaches of Britannia. The harsh climate of their homeland makes cultivation difficult and supplies for campaigns of conquest can be expensive, but these conditions also help produce hardy warriors with a taste for foreign loot.

    - Faction Traits

    Often led on fruitful raids by spirited champions but lengthy military campaigns in foreign lands are expensive to support due to difficulty in growing crops in the harsh conditions of the mountainous north.

    +1 Champion Cap
    +25% Looting income
    +20% Land Army Upkeep in Foreign Lands

    Also features:

    Starting Faction Leader - Vepogenus
    Starting Army Legacy - Talons of the Cailleach
    Rival Political Group - Maeatae
    New Ebdani (Ireland) Resource - Limestone

    Download Links

    Vanilla Version

    Radious Total War Compatible Version

    Install instruction:

    - Extract startpos.esf to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Total War Rome II\data\campaigns\main_rome
    - Extract Caledonni.pack or Caledonii_Radious_Compatible.pack to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Total War Rome II\data
    - For Radious Compaitble Pack make sure Caledonni pack is loaded after the Radious mod in Mod Manager.

    (Please note that the Radious Total War Compatible Version does not display faction trait icons and descriptions on the faction selection screen. To correct this using the Pack File Manager, delete "effect_bundles_to_effects_junctions" in the Radious Total War mod and save.)

    More updates likely!
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    Default Re: Caledonii - Playable Faction

    Thanks, very cool!
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    Default Re: Caledonii - Playable Faction

    Is this patch 5 compatible and does it have victory conditions

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    Default Re: Caledonii - Playable Faction

    There are victory conditions but not specific to the Caledonii faction, I believe they are Rome VC's. I am unsure if anyone has yet been able to successfully add new victory conditions, I will be more than happy to add VC's as soon as it is possible. At the moment I still have to update the faction mod for patch 5 but I hope to do this soon + I will include the startpos.esf with the pack file.

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    Default Re: Caledonii - Playable Faction

    is this compatible with update4 or 3 ?!

    plus, why u didnt added and Image?!


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