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Thread: Seleucid's former clients/satrapies just won't play nice

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    Default Seleucid's former clients/satrapies just won't play nice

    Hi guys,

    I'm using the Radious mod (and it's amazing, and no, I won't post on TWC because it won't let me make an account the poor site is so overburdened). Anyway, I'm rocking and rolling with Ptolemies and the Seleucid's attacked my clients Cyprus. I kept Cyprus alive and destroyed the Seleucids completely, so their former clients should be free to make peace treaties with, however, I can't. No diplomatic options for those irritating kingdoms at all.

    Has anyone else run into this? Is this another "feature" of the sadly too-early release for R2 that will be fixed down the road?

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    Default Re: Seleucid's former clients/satrapies just won't play nice

    Not Sure myself, but I was wondering the same,

    I started a Campaign with Athens, and the Prolemies offered Military Alliance, and because they went on war with Seleucids, now all the Satrapies to the East are at War with me as well and they will not Diplomacy possible.

    However, I have not send a Spy over there yet so, have you opened up the fog of war to any of them?

    Maybe it is a bug in relating to them not being released from being Client states? Even after Seleucids are gone?
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    Default Re: Seleucid's former clients/satrapies just won't play nice

    I suppose, since they're many and you're one. They "think", they can win the war. Their "thinking" is not that unreasonable. In my own campaign: I was in the process of mopping them up when a 15 stack civil war party sprung up in my capital (while most of my armies were dealing with former satrapies in the East). On top of that, Armenians (my vassal) decided this was a great time to backstab me and rolled 6 stacks right into my undefended center. I say: well played, AI.


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