Hello all

Sorry if this issue has been covered elsewhere, can't find any forum handling technical problems with installing the Force Diplomacy mini-mod, and that's just what's happening to me.

A bit of context: I'm playing EBII v.1.2 on a laptop running on WinVista Basic. Had a truly horrible time installing the game, due in part (I think) to the fact that the RTW version I use is a Sega RTW Anthology, and to the fact that the OS is Vista, which spells death to any creative file changing or anything in particular.

Finally installed it in Rome Total War inside a weird file called The Creative Assembly in Program Files, and one day it decided to work! Since then, apart from occasional CTDs caused by not waiting after battles, or because it simply feels like it, it's worked fine. Until deciding to install Force Diplomacy, and after dragging and dropping the two docs into their respective locations and copying over the originals (extracting from the zip was impossible), and wondering what to do with the third one, the "show me" thingy, the game crashes after the start up period with the EB screen.

I wouldn't mind but for the fact that the FD mod sounds excellent for playing a more realistic game (no more half-dead kamikaze factions, no more superpowers, a bit more realistic diplomacy). So, any ideas as to the problem, and any solutions? And what do I do with the "show me" text? Where does it go?

I'd be very grateful for any help/ideas/commiseration...