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Thread: How to shut-up Generals and other Stratmap entities?

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    Question How to shut-up Generals and other Stratmap entities?

    Hello everyone

    Can anyone please advice me on how to 'silent' generals, diplomats, assassins and spies for certain culture (HUN in this case) ? I also would like to know where you are changing General voices for a culture/faction, because it definitely doesn't work in export_descr_unit - the moment a named character from campaign is add to the unit, it changes the unit voice over back to the general (which i cannot get to change). Also descr_character doesn't have any option for this, and neither the actual models in - descr_model_battle and descr_model_strat.

    I already tried to go through - export_descr_sounds_prebattle, export_descr_sounds_soldier_voice, (here i assigned a separate culture list - with own voice for class General_1 - which doesn't have any effect at all), export_descr_sounds_stratmap_voice (i removed HUN from here, again it has no effect and they still have voices on strategic map, i also tried to create empty entities - again no success), export_descr_sounds_units_battle_events (this is advisor) , export_descr_sounds_units_voice (again i created a separate Culture Hun, with own class General_1 - without any effect )

    I used original BI (from gold edition) as base, and went on from there. I actually want to first silence them and then add own sounds, but none of this .txt files seems to have any effect, no matter what i do. Also there is a sound folder (from BI), with files - bi.dat, bi.idx, events.dat and events.idx - but when i remove it i get error within ambient sound and something about Indian Elephants missing, so i am not sure if i should go ahead and remove it (if its overwriting some .txt files?)

    Any help in this would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Default Re: How to shut-up Generals and other Stratmap entities?

    Hi Balgeron, this is a question for modders, so maybe posting it in the EB section might get you the answer. I know sounds can be changed because the Mongols in Sainless Steel were given the Muslim sound pack, and TATW has very different sounding agents as well.
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    Default Re: How to shut-up Generals and other Stratmap entities?

    You right, Myth. Sorry about that, i just noticed that forum for modding too late :-s.

    Anyway i manage to get it done - indeed it were those files in Sound folder (bi.dat, bi.idx, events.dat and events.idx - removing them allows you to overwrite the sound of original BI). So if you want you can lock this up.


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