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    Default State of Decay

    Anyone played this? Got the early access on Steam today and played around for a little bit. I believe it's been out on xbox for a few months.

    Looked like just another zombie game at first, but the idea of building up a home base, and going out scavenging and looking for survivors to join your base seems pretty cool. Didn't get very far in, just to when you arrive at what I assume is the base, but it seems okay so far. It is apparently real time based, so if you are away from the game for a while, your base will start to lose supplies as you haven't been out scavenging.

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    Animal Crossing with zombies eh?

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    Zombies are always awesome. Going to buy a Wii U somewhere this month I need Zombie-U it is awesome. It's a bit like Dark Souls, you die a lot, and have to recover your previous charachter (who turned into a zombie) to get your equipment back. Very good survival-horror game, screw the reviews.

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    Only issue is that in its current build, you must have a wired Xbox controller. So even though the price is quite reasonable, I'm not sure I feel like plunking down for an overpriced thumb rest.

    Then again, it might tide me over until Dead State comes out ...
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    I'm really enjoying this game so far, it makes a refreshing change from the usual zombie slaughter of Dead Rising and CoD: Zombies, instead focusing on survival, stealth and community management.

    I think my favourite element, and perhaps least-favourite in some parts, is the characterisation. I have around eleven survivors in my community at present and many of the playable ones seem to share the same voice actor, which tends to be a little jarring (especially when talking to one another) and would really damage the immersion if not for the traits/skills system, which takes cues from the character's pre-outbreak lives and makes sense of them post-outbreak, with some little jokes thrown into the mix.

    I've found myself getting attached to characters not for their personalities but what they bring to the community. On one playthrough, I lost Marcus (the first character you play as, arguably the 'main' man) during a bad scavenging run and found that his death had such a polarising impact on my community that my efforts as the other characters felt hollow and unappreciated. Morale was poor, I couldn't earn friendship with others so easily (which allows you to switch to them), combat felt more difficult... turns out Marcus was a natural leader and a powerhouse, rare traits that I really missed. His friend was also killed in the infirmiary, without Marcus around to intervene, another loss felt by my survivors.

    I was left with two playable characters in my community; a lass who was a dab hand with a rifle but tired quickly in close quarters, and a girl who was a lazy, alcoholic former student who had little interest in anything but beer pong. The community was more difficult to develop and, when one of the game's feral zombies found it's way into the church... bloodshed. A brutal lesson learned. xD
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    Default Re: State of Decay

    You are evil, Secura. Ever since you came on Saturday and said how great the game is, you make me really want to play it.

    Shame there is no multiplayer mode till the sequel.
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    The games fun but I find parts of it too easy. I did a little home base snooping in the beginning then immediately knew i wanted Snyder trucking. Got 16 survivors and moved there. Ever since Ive had pretty much the whole west side cleared and even though I have no friends in the massive wasteland everyone back at Snyder loves each other to death.

    After clearing west Marshall getting supplies is easy as cheese. My only loss in the game was Alan the jerkasoarus and Ed the one line master. Alan cause I didnt like him I shot him to death. Ed because I thought he was going to be a Bad Mother until 3 zombies decided to play catch with his spleen. Anyways... Yeah i wish the game was harder. Maybe it will be that way the more I play and the more I loot and pillage. Right now though ammo is in great supply, my garden is a green thumbs dream, my medical center is ok but the meds are overflowing from storage, and supplies are in great supply...

    Ill post a screenshot of my settlement sometime soon.ryone back at Snyder loves each other to death.
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